Sugar Grove Wedding

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We started with getting ready images in the hotel then off to St. Katharine Drexel in Sugar Grove for the ceremony.  I love St. Katharine Drexel for weddings!  The huge windows offer tons of natural light to filter in for bright, crisp photos during the ceremony.  And the open, country landscape around the church as well as the courtyard offer gorgeous, green backdrops for bridal party portraits.

We then headed off to The Emporium at Abbey Farms.  This was my first time capturing a wedding here and it was simply beautiful!  I love the rustic yet elegant touches throughout the whole venue, inside and out.  And the mix of indoor and outdoor entertaining is perfect… so guests can step outside and enjoy a drink by the fireplace and easily step back inside to hit the dance floor!

THANK you for entrusting She Sees Photography to document this once in a lifetime event for you!  I loved working with you and your family and capturing these images for you to treasure!

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