Beautiful Rockford Wedding

0020fin0023fin0062fin0079fin0092fin0126fin2-series0153fin0159fin0180fin0228fin0239fin0273fin0281fin0296fin0299fin0313fin0389fin0399fin0433fin0443fin0464fin0472fin0486fin0544fin0554fin0568fin0583fin0593fin0604fin0606fin0627fin0662fin0763finBeautiful Rockford Wedding with this amazing couple… the whole day was filled with laughs and smiles, which really made my job SUPER easy!!!  I just love when people are genuinely HAPPY and you can see that TWINKLE in their eyes.  These two are mellow and down to earth and SO funny… their joking and silly moments together are adorable and show how they are truly the best of friends.

THANK YOU for entrusting me to document these special memories <3

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