2020 High School Senior Portraits in Lansing, Michigan

2020 High School Senior Portraits in Lansing, Michigan with this handsome fella… MY COUSIN!  I feel strange saying that, I always think he’s my nephew because he’s so much younger than me!

I’m so fortunate that I have FAMILY that has showed me a great deal of encouragement and support along my photographic career.  While I was in college, my Aunt was always rooting me on.  Upon graduation, she continued to sing praises.  Over the years, I have photographed her family, friends and NOW her children’s graduation photos.

It really hits home just HOW SPECIAL these memories, these PHOTOGRAPHS are when it’s your own family.  And especially during times such as these, when celebrations and events are being cancelled, downsized or postponed… to capture this unforgettable time on “film” is so important.

E : Whatever the future holds for you, I know you have a big HEART and will do great things.

C : THANK YOU for always believing in me and for entrusting me to document these moments!!!

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