And away to college he goes!

And away to college he goes!  What should you do when it’s just days before you will be driving your first born son off to college?  CELEBRATE!  Celebrate the memories, togetherness, the love, the tears and the future that you hope and pray will be a BRIGHT and HAPPY one for your baby boy.  Because I know my children are still young (2 and 6 years) but they WILL ALWAYS BE my babies!  And doing sessions like these just make me realize the inevitable.  So I hold my little ones a little closer.  I cherish the moments because I know, they will go by way too fast.  And before you know it, I’ll be standing there with my own young man, wondering how we got here?  Because just yesterday, he was a chubby cheeked, adorable and playful little boy.  And now he’s a young man, preparing for his future.

And I do remember these gorgeous children when they were just babes… rascally little boys and then the welcoming of an adorable baby sister!  This family has a special place in my heart.  I’m always happy to see them again and hear about all the new things they’re up to.  And gosh, maybe one day I’ll even photograph a wedding?!  OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves… he’s just going off to college!!!

THANK YOU for entrusting me to document these memories!

Location: Leroy Oaks Forest Preserve in St. Charles, IL

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