Barn at Allen Acres Wedding

0004fin0012fin0037fin0098fin0109fin0140fin0162fin0245fin0254fin0278fin0339fin0344fin0363fin0375fin0381fin0398fin0416fin0483fin0509fin0520fin0537fin0553fin0573fin0600fin0613fin0623fin0630fin0638fin0645fin0667fin0679fin0730fin0734fin0846fin0870fin0895fin0899fin0916fin0959fin0993fin1020finBarn at Allen Acres Wedding with one amazing couple!!!  Oh my… this was a lovely drive down route 30 for me, all country roads.  And the cutest venue with a farmhouse and barn that the couple rents for the weekend.  The girls were getting ready in the house while the guys were setting up the barn and it was PERFECT!  I think this was one of the most picture perfect weddings of the Summer!!!  I mean, they just LOVE one another so beautifully, honestly and completely that it made my job super easy.  And they had FUN ON THEIR WEDDING DAY!  So naturally, when people are laughing, loving each other and having a great time… it shows in the photos.

The bride and groom as well as all their family and friends were also very friendly towards me.  I felt GOD’s hand on this special day and am very blessed to have been a part of documenting it.

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