Brother Sister Portraits

0004FIN0029FIN2-series22-series0055FIN0057FIN0063FINBrother Sister Portraits with She Sees Photography in Oak Brook, IL!  I have been working with these adorable siblings since my studio days in Wheaton… so about 8+ years!  And every year, we have a great time.  They are super down to earth and SILLY!  Always laughing and joking with one another.  It’s really great to see.  And they’re getting so big!  This year we switched it up from their normal in home studio sessions to a great park down the road, which I now love.  It’s a forest preserve next to the Graue Mill and has a variety of backdrops, along the river and in the woods.  I loved the warmth and soft colors we were able to capture on this very warm November day!

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