Fabyan Forest Preserve Family Portraits

Fabyan Forest Preserve Family Portraits with this awesome group!  So these three sisters share a beautiful bond, love and appreciation for FAMILY that is just amazing.  I feel super blessed to be the one to capture these memories when the whole family can come together even with the craziness of life and distance.

I just adore their shades of red, white and blue.  For the group shot, the children were told to “pick a rock!”  This made for a fun game for the kids while the adults got situated.  I love that it’s not super posed and that you get to see a little personality shining through on each and every face!  And these kids have got some personality!  I was joking with one of the little girls and I asked “who’s got the stinkiest feet?”  I thought she would tell me it was her brother.  But then she said “YOU DO!”  I couldn’t stop laughing!

THANK YOU for entrusting She Sees Photography to document these moments.  I enjoyed seeing your WHOLE family this time around!

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