Family Gathering, Senior Session

_MG_7191FIN_MG_7182FIN_MG_7195FIN_MG_7233FIN_MG_7258FIN_MG_7319FIN_MG_7371FIN_MG_7385FIN_MG_7440FIN_MG_7463FIN_MG_7571FIN_MG_7611FIN_MG_7615FIN_MG_7658FIN_MG_7738FIN_MG_7747FIN_MG_7774FIN_MG_7763FINI just love when the family gets together for a photo session before their senior goes off to college.  These are some of the most fun, heartfelt sessions ever!  They were smiling and laughing the whole time.  Such an exciting adventure ahead for this young man, heading oversees.  Honored to capture these wonderful memories!

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