Lincoln Park Conservatory Family Portraits

Lincoln Park Conservatory Family Portraits with this BEAUTIFUL CREW!  A few weeks ago, it was a beautiful, sunny day in Chicago.  It was a bit chilly.  But the Lincoln Park Conservatory offered warm and comfortable temps along with lush and vibrant scenery.  This family arrived looking stunning in shades of navy blue and pink.  We strolled the conservatory, allowing the girls to explore and simply HAVE FUN!

With toddlers, you can give a little direction, but they pretty much run the show!  You can’t get too hung up on having them sit or stay still, or you’ll miss the opportunity to capture something great.  I explained this to Mom and Dad… well they totally got it, because they were just along for the ride and enjoying this visit to the conservatory with their beautiful and curious little girls.

Looking back on these photos, in light of the very unique time we are living in now, just a few short weeks later… well I can’t help but feel emotional.  LIFE is beautiful.  I encourage you to enjoy even these simple moments.  We shouldn’t ever take these blessings for granted.  Our FAMILY.  The ones we LOVE.  Hold them tight and CELEBRATE each and every day.

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