Serena Illinois Backyard Wedding

Serena Illinois Backyard Wedding with this BEAUTIFUL COUPLE and all their amazing family and friends!!!  I absolutely LOVE backyard weddings.  I ADORE weddings in the country!  I feel like the focus is really more on the couple, their love, their family, friends and celebrating togetherness.  And while this wedding may have been in the comfort of their own backyard, it still boasted of all the beauty and elegance of a wedding held in any traditional venue.

These two are really the sweetest couple.  It was a SUPER windy day!  Hair was flying everywhere.  Dresses were blowing in the breeze… but they smiled, laughed, kissed, hugged, cuddled and had a simply amazing time!  THANK YOU so much for entrusting me to document your wedding day memories!  It was a very special day and I feel completely honored to have been there.  I wish you two a life filled with happiness, LOVE and more laughter!

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