Sunny Day Wedding

01150153FIN0181FIN0254FIN0333FIN0417FIN0487FIN0539FIN05712-collage0579FIN0587FIN0599FIN0655FIN0698FIN0722FIN0750FIN0780FIN0886FIN0871FIN0949FIN1175FIN1197FIN140514181424Sunny Day Wedding in West Chicago, IL with two amazing people!  It truly was the most beautiful and perfect day for a wedding.  The church was simple, yet elegant.  Cantigny Park provided a lovely backdrop for a bridal party in shades of black and red.  And a down to earth venue in Elburn was just right for the party to get started with many family and friends!  A Mariachi band set the tone for an evening full traditions and festivities!  And these two were SO easy to photograph!  Their friendship, respect and love for one another just overflows.  Thank you for entrusting me to document your special day… always an honor and a blessing <3

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