Top 10 Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Over the years I have met with many great couples.  We typically chat on the phone or meet at a local cafe.  Some couples come equipped with a list of questions while others have no idea where to start or what to ask!  Some questions I’ve been asked are pretty easy and straight forward.  However, I can remember early on a very nice couple asked me “what inspired you to become a photographer?”  I thought, that’s an excellent question!  But one I wasn’t quite prepared to answer.  I believe I answered the best I could and said “I may need to get back to you on that one after some reflecting!”  I have done a lot of thinking on WHY I decided to become a photographer and I hope these FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS will help you in deciding if I am the right photographer for YOUR WEDDING DAY!

  1. Is this your full time job?
    YES!  This is my full time job outside of being a MOM!
  2. Will I get ALL the photos that you take on my wedding day?
    YES!  I will edit down the images some, because I often take duplicates of formal shots to ensure everybody’s eyes are open.  You will get all of your photos in high resolution with copyright release on an adorable little flash drive.
  3. Will you edit the photos?
    YES!  All of your images will be LIGHTLY edited.  This includes color balancing, brightness/contrast and some other adjustments to make your photos POP.  A collection of 35-50 images will be selected for additional retouching and artistic touches.  These photos will be featured as your HIGHLIGHTS.
  4. What if you are sick or have an emergency on our wedding day?
    That is an excellent question!  I am well connected with a variety of photographers.  We offer each other support, assistance, knowledge and in the event of an emergency, we have each other’s backs.  I am thankful that I have never had to call on a fellow photographer to cover me for a wedding or event!  But I have helped others in such situations.  I’ve worked through pregnancy and sickness.  When I’m behind the camera, it is my happy place.  So it would have to be a pretty dire circumstance to keep me from capturing your once in a lifetime day!!!
  5. Do you have an assistant or 2nd photographer that you work with?
    I typically work solo, however I can have a photographer friend come along as a 2nd photographer if requested.  If your wedding has a larger bridal party, over 225 guests and/or multiple locations, then a 2nd photographer may be a good idea. They are paid directly at the rate of $400 for 4 hours minimum.  If you want them to stay longer, the rate is $100/hour thereafter.
  6. Is your business insured?
    YES!  And I will touch base with your venues before your wedding day to ask if they would like to see my proof of insurance or have them listed on my policy.
  7. Do you bring back-up equipment?
    OH YES!  There must be at least 2 of everything and when it comes to memory cards and batteries, much MORE!  Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event and I would feel like the most horrible person on the planet if I failed to document your memories!!!
    I have always been inspired and moved by PEOPLE and their STORIES.  I get to TELL PEOPLE’S STORIES in a very beautiful and unique way… with PHOTOGRAPHS.  Using light, shadow, composition, depth of field and the EMOTION of people, I tell their story.  It’s a very special collaboration.  I get to learn the amazing stories of how people FALL IN LOVE.  I then get to document and share this love story with them in a creative and artistic way.  It’s poetic.  It’s amazing.  I love what I do and I am so thankful for this talent that God has blessed me with.  And I am thankful that YOU have entrusted me to capture YOUR wedding day memories!
  9. What is your STYLE of photography?
    Timeless, classic, candid, honest, natural, REAL.  A fake “smile” is NOT what I go for!  I would rather have a stressed out bride, on the verge of tears, who starts laughing hysterically because her maid of honor just cracked a joke then say “oh, don’t forget to smile.”  I will give gentle direction and from there, I encourage you to LOVE one another, HAVE FUN and be IN THE MOMENT.  I also stray away form editing photos in a way that will look silly in 20 years from now.  High contrast, low contrast, lots of grain, super airbrushed… not my thing.
  10. What is the deposit and what are your payment options? What about a contract?
    When you say “I DO” to She Sees Photography as your wedding day photographer I will send over a simple and straight forward contract.  This contract is to protect YOU and ME and to outline what’s included in your wedding day photography package.  I accept a deposit in the amount of $400, typically via PayPay but cash or check are completely fine.  From there we can work out a payment plan that is comfortable for you.  Most couples break the balance down into 3 or 4 equal payments and make them ever 2-4 months leading up to their wedding day.

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