Senior Portraits Class of 2016

2016SeniorsSenior Portraits-Cheers to the Class of 2016!!!

I can remember my own graduation day and the odd mix of feelings that overcame me… excitement and anxiety, fear and relief.  It was a bittersweet day, as I am sure it is for most that are graduating.

High school in general is such a weird period in our lives.  Looking back, it was probably the most difficult!  It’s this time when so many young adults are trying to figure out just WHO they are.  And it’s also the time when our peers seem to be the most judgemental.  SO trying to figure yourself out under the microscope of everyone around you… well, it’s a challenging time for many!

When I was in high school, I was a quiet person.  I think that left people to imagine all sorts of things about me.  I later found that people thought I was really smart and stuck-up.  I was sort of smart but far from thinking I was elite in any way!  If anything, it was the opposite… I was extremely self conscious.

For everyone who’s preparing to graduate… I applaud you!  High school will most likely be the most challenging days of your social life.  From here on out, I trust you will find more freedom to connect with those that help you more accurately discover just WHO you are.  For those who found high school to be easy, this is a fair warning… things may become more difficult for a little while.  Without the approval and building up of social groups in high school, you may find yourself a bit LOST on where to go.

Either way, the truth is… we’re all discovering who we are EVERY DAY of our lives, no matter what your age.  Many think the end of high school is a line in the sand, a moment when we have to figure it all out so that we can determine who we’re going to be and what we’re going to do for the rest of our lives.  This thought can create unnecessary pressure.

Making your mark and discovering your path is a lifelong journey that is made up of daily choices.  Yes, what you decide to do today will impact tomorrow.  But tomorrow is a new day to fix what you might have broken yesterday.

So CHEERS to the graduating class of 2016!  Let your excitement overflow!  And if you feel worry or fear, that’s OK… just take another step into a new day and keep moving forward, right now, that’s all there is to do!

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