Sisters Outdoor Session

0003FIN0006FIN0011FIN0022FIN0032FIN0038FIN0046FINSisters Outdoor Session at Fabyan in Geneva, IL!  So this is one of my first MINI Sessions in a long time.  I typically prefer to have that full 45-60 minutes to get warmed up, stroll the park, collaborate and let the creative ideas flow.  However, when the children are older, it’s possible to get some great shots in a little less time.  And these girls did great!  It was a very easy going session and it was fun to see their different personalities shine through.  I had to capture their cute shoes at the end, which I felt showcased each girls individuality.  I also loved their matching sweaters but in different shades of red and blue.  Back to back, hugs, hair swishes and such made for a very down to earth and cozy session for these gorgeous sisters at the park!

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