Sweet Baby Cheeks

0001FIN0002FIN0012FIN0022FIN0032FIN0046FINUntitled-10057FINSweet Baby Cheeks with adorable 6 month old baby… I simply LOVE documenting the first year of a baby’s life with families.  It’s such an amazing journey.  From a sleeping newborn to a walking toddler and all the stages in between, it really is special to capture all those moments and memories.  K and J are also friends of mine, so I have the perfect excuse to get to see their gorgeous little girl every few months!

Every session is unique and age appropriate, to photograph what’s actually happening in her life at that time.  I’ve never been a huge fan of props that aid in sitting a child up when the child isn’t able to sit yet… why?  Let’s be real and document where the children are at and celebrate every stage!

And though I adore every stage and every session… I do have to admit, that I REALLY like 6 month portraits!  At 6 months, we’re starting to see some more personality along with chubbier cheeks, a fuller tush and cute, chunky little thighs!  So, the photos that make you want to reach out and pinch all that cuteness!!!

Wearing angel wings, playing the xylophone, staring at Mr. Fox, sitting up, rolling around, stacking cups… all fun activities in the world of a 6 month old, baby girl!

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